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by huanlin
Nov 19, 2012
3:32 AM

Being evaluated

I couldn't commit my changes to the respoistory, so I just upload my revision here.
Change Note:

- Support Windows Forms applications. To achieve this, I need to subclass parent Form's WndProc.
- Instead of loading resources.xaml into Application's Resources dictionary, I load it into a local ResourceDictionary object. I think this is necessary to support Windows Forms app. (You will not believe how much time I spent to get the UI element tree loaded correctly.)
- Bind suggestion items to custom object (instead of String).
- Publish ItemSelected event, and the selected text in the TextBox can be customized through ItemSelected event.
- Added property: AutoSelectFirstSuggestion. Auto select first suggestion when user press Tab or Enter key.
- A new WPF sample project that shows how to fully customize the foreground and background of the items in the popup window.
- A new Windows Forms sample project to show how to use this component in Windows Form.
- Namespaces changed (Sorry for that, I'm just suggesting CamelCasing namespaces)
- Upgrade to Visual Studio 2012. Of course VS2010 is also supported.



by ewall
Sep 30, 2010
7:00 PM

Being evaluated

This tweak isn't super important, but with .NET 2.0 and higher, System.Runtime.InteropServices.FILETIME is deprecated in favor of System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComTypes.FILETIME. The attached patch file tweaks the 3 lines that reference this type.


by jalalx
Aug 16, 2010
5:33 PM

Being evaluated

Flow Direction Added! Now you can use Right to left flow direction. Just replace this file with same file in "[project directory]\dragonz.actb\core\AutoCompleteManager.cs". Enjoy


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